Leading an Uncompromising Life as an Entrepreneur Mom

I want to say that I’ve never felt like I’ve compromised at work but running a business and being a Mom can sometimes feel like I have.  In fleeting moments I find myself feeling this way when I am under pressure to meet a big deadline and I need to pick up my Son. Trying to do too many projects at once and its summer vacation, juggling like a circus clown trying to manage play dates and business.  Yet, when deadlines are met and things settle down, I look at the life and business I’ve created and I wouldn’t have it any other way.   That, to me feels uncompromising because I have the opportunity to do both.

I am equally passionate about my business as I am about my family life so I often find myself in my office late at night working.  

I do whatever it takes to meet my life goals of being an entrepreneur and a good Mom. It’s important to me that my Son sees a strong, female role model running a business, having a voice in the world, making stuff happen.

Although I’d love to spend a day relaxing, I tend to compromise on things like lying down on the couch to watch a movie or read a book. I think I did that once in 1993?

I am believer that you can be a successful entrepreneur and a great mother with little compromise but it does require all hands on deck.

I think women, like myself, are still figuring it out and perfecting our titles as Moms and CEO’s. At times we dance with compromise but I believe we are finding our way as we refine our positions both in and out of the home.  Today’s business women are still pushing a paradigm shift of women in leadership who span two roles. I am happy to have found my balance in these exciting times as professional women and Moms take on the business world, without compromise.   

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