Food, Fashion and Breaking Free From The Prison of "No"

"No" can be a pretty powerful word. We use it when we want to deny something, to say "nay" to a question asked or possibility presented. We usually use the word "no" to help communicate what we don't want, as we are the ones in control over our own desires, wants, needs and decisions. Sometimes, the power of "no" can be a positive thing, but there are other times where we feel imprisoned by the word, forcing us to compromise our desires, wants, needs and decisions so that they no longer become our own.

Growing up as plus size women, we were all taught the same thing: NO. We were told "no" to eating food, "no" to our bodies being accepted, "no" to seeing ourselves as attractive, "no" to certain jobs, "no" to certain activities, and "no" to fashion and freedom of expression. Some of us may have even been told "no" to love. Over and over again, we have been told "no" so much and so often (every day) that it's become completely ingrained in us to respond that way, even to things we would love to say "yes" to! When faced with the opportunity to wear a bikini, most of us will scream "NO!" inside our minds, "horrified" at the notion. Fat people can't wear that. We aren't allowed to dress skimpy or sexy. No, no, no! But does this reaction really come from us, or from all the times we've been told "no" from society?

The power of "no" has taught us all that we have to compromise within our lives. We've been told over and over again that we can't, that we aren't, that we shouldn't. We aren't given the same freedoms, choices, and respect that other people who are not overweight receive, and why is that? Because our bodies happen to be bigger than others? It's unfair, it's cruel - and yet it's what we've been taught. And because it's what we've been told and taught over and over again, we women develop a natural sense to constantly compromise.

Many of us want to say "yes" to wearing that bikini, to look cute and feel sexy like everyone else. Instead, we compromise our wants. That voice inside of our heads just has to say "no" only once, and it has the power to take over us. With one, short word, our genuine desires are pushed aside, and our conditioned response to compromise takes the reigns. We turn away from the cute bikini and go for something that tucks in our tummies and hides our bodies. We aren't living freely when we let the "no" win, and we deserve the same freedoms, choices, and happiness as everyone else. So today, start saying "yes." Say yes to all the things you would normally say "no" to, because the end of compromising is here, ladies. It's time to experience the world as an uncompromising woman. Make choices based on what you want, with the freedom of knowing you can.


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