Your Home is a Reflection of Your Story

My home is my sanctuary. The space where my creativity is cultivated, my land of love and where the essence of who I am resides.  I live in a beautiful, scenic area of North Vancouver, British Columbia.  My home is nestled on a mountainside against the tempered rain forest with raging rivers, mossy branches and carved out trails.  Surrounding, are mountains peaks and lush, green Douglas Furs towering above us.  In the quite hours when my neighborhood is dark and still, the bears and deer roam the streets.  It’s rugged, wild and breathtakingly beautiful.  It’s my home.

Is it by accident I live here?  I tend to think not. I was drawn here by my interests, passions and by the alignment of what makes me happy. Skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking are among my favorite activities all easily accessible outside my door.  In previous posts I’ve talked about creating a life by design.  In other words, your life is designed to your highest calling and joy.  A designed life is not by luck or by mistake. It comes with intention and without compromise. 

I’ve also been transparent in saying that my life was not always like this.  In my past, I’ve lived in different homes, neighborhoods and with people, who made me unhappy. 

In those days, my home was compromised. 

Throughout my life I’ve learned that I have the power, and only me, to create and design the spaces where I reside.

Today, my home is everything, my foundation, a safe-haven and a private space where I share memories with the people closest to me.  Over time I’ve weeded out what I don’t want and uncovered what I do want.  I’ve ulimtately created a space that reflects where I want to be in life. It’s not by accident. It’s by uncompromising practice of yes’s and no’s directing my compass of happiness.   Nowadays my home is fiercely protected and cherished and as you can guess, always without compromise.

Have you ever compromised on yoru home? Share your story below!


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