The Heart And Soul Of A Queen

When it comes to living the life of an uncompromising woman, it means never compromising in your life when it comes to work, at home, and even in love. But in order to do all of that, you first have to start living as an uncompromising woman within.

I don't know what it is, but I have always been obsessed with queens. And not the ones who dress in drag and lip sync (although they are pretty damn fabulous as well), but rather the great, famous, historical queens of the world. Maybe it's the way they dressed, knowing they always wore the most gorgeous gown and the most glorious crown of their time. Maybe it's the way they held so much power and influence over the world. Or perhaps it's the way that they rule their lives with such confidence, being utterly uncompromising when it came to who they were, what they wanted, what they believed, and what they deserved.

The more I studied the great lives of queens, the more I realized that I wanted to live my own life as one. Every woman is the queen of her life in her own right, after all. No one rules your life but you. No one can make your life choices but you. You are the one who sits on the throne of your life. And so, I made sure that I took stock of what kind of ruler I was. Was I friendly, fair and generous? Was I strong, able, and wise? Was I independent, beautiful, and deserving? When I could answer "yes" to all of these things, my confidence and power as a woman, as a queen, grew profoundly strong. 

As a plus size woman, I grew up being taught that because of my size, I didn't deserve the dream job I wanted. I didn't deserve to find a beautiful partner who loved and wanted me. I didn't deserve to wear the clothing I wanted to. I was taught that having the body I had took away my power, and because of this, I would be forced to live a life of constantly compromising my hopes, dreams, and desires. But what kind of queen accepts this notion? What kind of queen is pulled down from her throne because the peasants in her life call her "fat"? A queen would scoff, laugh, and dismiss this notion, and wouldn't accept it - even for a moment.

It's not enough to pretend that you deserve that dream job, to find true love, to wear whatever you damn well want to. You have to truly believe it within. You have to know who you are, what you want, and what you deserve as a woman and as a human being in this life. You have to have the heart and soul of a queen, to remember that your destiny is to be the ruler of your own life. Confidence comes from within, and so does the power to truly embody the life of an uncompromising woman. 

Do you consider yourself a queen? If not, what are you waiting for?


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