We Are All Heroines Who Deserve A Happily Ever After

I have always been a hopeless romantic. From the moment I watched my very first Disney-princess movie, I knew that I wanted to meet my Prince Charming, fall madly in love, and live happily ever after. Well, having a dream is one thing, but actually living it - that's a whole other story.

Love stories have always been my forte. Whether it's the squeaky-clean storybook love found by every beautiful Disney princess, or the gothic, dark-and-brooding love found in romance novels of Austen or Bronte, I've been obsessed with stories of romance, lust, and love. But when the time came for me to blossom into a fully-grown young woman actually looking for love, I was left a little bereft. I knew I didn't look like beautiful, perfectly-thin-and-curvy heroines in the movies I watched and the books that I read. I may have had the heart, but I certainly didn't have the body (or so I believed at the time).

This unfortunate belief about myself led me to compromise when it came to love. For years I shrank away from showing interest in the guys I yearned for, knowing that I would never look like the kind of woman I knew they desired. I would be lucky to find a guy who "didn't mind" my fat body - someone who was as insecure about himself as I was. I felt more like an ugly step-sister, rather than the leading heroine. I locked myself away in a tower of my own making, far away from all the Prince Charming's and the Mr. Darcy's, knowing that true love wasn't written for women like myself.

That's the thing about stories, though. The plot can change at any moment - you only have to turn the page. As time went on, I turned the page when it came to how I saw my body. As I grew up into a woman, I started to realize that love came in all shapes and sizes. People were all made differently, and so were their desires. The more I opened myself up to dating, the more I discovered that men have different tastes. Not only did these men see me for my personality (which was always a must), but they also found me (and my body) truly beautiful and desirable. And the more I let my own confidence and self-love show, the more I found men were attracted to me.

The world of love had suddenly changed for me, and like Cinderella herself, I transformed from a compromising woman, to an uncompromising woman. I wasn't going to say "no" to love any longer. I wanted love, I deserved love, and I was going to find love. I was now a woman who knew her worth, who saw herself as a catch, and who wouldn't "settle" for anything less than the storybook romance I've always fantasized about. Confidence became my fairy godmother, and because of it's magic, I ended up finding my Prince Charming. And you know what? The shoe fits perfectly.

Have you ever compromised in your love life? Share your story below!

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