How I Stopped Compromising On My Style

For as long as I can remember, I have worn a plus size. Growing up with a larger figure, I often found myself shopping for clothing that I did not necessarily like, using it as a method to hide my body. I wore shapeless styles to hide my belly, sleeves to hide my arms, pants to hide my cellulite and was often told that wearing head-to-toe black was the most ‘flattering’ choice for my body type, so I did just that. Although I loved fashion, in my mind, wearing playful prints, bold colours, shorter styles or anything strapless was off-limits. Why? Because I was plus size, curvy, voluptuous, fat—you get the idea. I spent years compromising on my personal style because of ridiculous rules that were created specifically for us curvy women that I sadly chose to follow. I settled for what I thought I deserved, and not for what I truly wanted.

This came to an abrupt end when I discovered the online world of plus size bloggers: a world where women of all shapes and sizes celebrated their curves, embraced their bodies and refused to settle on their style. Immersing myself into this magical blogosphere completely changed the way I saw and felt about my body. I suddenly felt the urge to stop compromising and settling for what I thought I should wear and for the first time in my life, started rocking styles that I had forever wanted to wear. These inspiring (and always stylin’!) ladies paved my fashion-filled path to loving myself for who I am and showing off my fun-loving personality through my style: something I had always dreamt of doing.  

From that point on, I have been constantly daring myself to try new trends—wearing styles that I had been told to steer clear of for years. In fact, I now purposely break these absurd rules. Take a look in my closet… Belly-baring bikini? Check! Horizontal-striped strapless dress? Check! Bright-coloured and printed crop tops? Check! Skinny white jeans? Check! And the list goes on. I dress for myself and truly believe that style has no size. As long as you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful, that’s what truly matters.

So go on, try on that pair of denim shorts you’ve had your eye on. Bare your arms and belly this summer. Celebrate your beautiful curves. Not only will you feel 10 times cooler in the heat of the day, you will feel liberated, empowered and strong, knowing that you did not compromise on your style.

Tell us: how are you uncompromising with your personal style? Let us know in the comments below! 

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